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Sounds of China

# Sounds of China – first edition “Hometown Memories”#

Lulu Fan and Fenmei Hu have organised a Chinese music festival with De Doelen Concert Centre Rotterdam on 7th May 2016. This is the first music festival focusing on both Chinese and Dutch visitors for De Doelen.

Hometown Memories is the first edition of Sounds of China music festival. Hometown Memories is about the start of Chinese pop music in 70’s and 80’s with Teressa Tang as the iconic popstar from this generation. Why is it called Hometown Memories? In the 70’s and 80’s, a large flow of Chinese migrants moved to the Netherlands. Most of them didn’t get the chance to learn Dutch and immediately ended up working in Chinese restaurants. It was a hardworking and lonely time for these Chinese migrants. They missed their hometown, their family and friends, the only thing that could comfort them¬†and bring their memories back to their sweet hometowns was the songs from Teressa Tang. That’s what they were listening everyday in restaurants and at home. “Hometown Memories” is about these Chinese migrants, our ¬†parents. It’s about honoring them for the hard work and for building our future in the Netherlands.